Kaitlyn Griggs

UPDATE: Summer 201511707624_1675328679363545_5657886932974311951_n

Season Two of The Dreamers is in session- and in addition to acting, I will also be assisting with casting and locations. I am super excited to taking on a new challenge and be further involved with this awesome webseries!


Starting in October, Lucas and I have an incredible opportunity to have 3 months off! Well, he has three months off, and I am organizing my projects and commitments so that they end in October! While it has been difficult to not be able to audition for many projects due to my availability, this ‘sabbatical’ will be an amazing opportunity. We are going to be traveling throughout Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand! I could not be more excited to travel the world with my best friend and have some pretty unforgettable experiences! We are setting up a blog- and I hope you’ll follow us around the world!


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